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Company Profile
HighKite is a privately owned company successfully offering our clients with the following marketing, commercial and investment services
About The Founder
A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from China University of Mining & Technology, the company’s General Manager, Mr. Charles ( Zuchun ) Liu worked for the Ministry of Coal Industry, China, for 18 year, in the area of international technology exchange and economic cooperation.
Joint Venture
  Beijing Novatec Equipment Ltd. is an joint venture established by Beijing HighKite International Trade Ltd. and Novatec System Process Inc. ( Canada ) by equity investment, and specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of series of infrared heating ovens for aluminum extrusion industry.
Novatec System Process Inc. ( Canada ) is the world leader in the field of the design, development and manufacturing of infrared heating ovens for aluminum extrusion industries, and has been in the business for almost twenty years. With a number of years’ research, development and improvement, Novatec’s products are featured by many advantages including the low energy consumption, the reduction of testing billets and the die breakage, and the improvement of extrusion quality. Thus Novatec’s infrared heating ovens have been widely accepted by the aluminum extruders in European and North American countries.

  Beijing HighKite International Trade Ltd. is established to promote the international technology exchange and economical cooperation in between small and medium enterprises of China and the other countries across the world. In the recent years, Beijing Highkite has spent enormous time and efforts on the field investigation and research of the market status and demand of Chinese aluminum extruders on infrared heating ovens in order to correspond to the central government’s call for the energy saving and consumption reduction. In 2009, Beijing Highkite made its final decision to set up an joint venture with Novatec to manufacture the infrared heating ovens in China. This approach has gained a good support from the relevant agencies of Beijing Municipal Government.

  We have had some testing in the aluminum extruders of Tianjin and Hebei province after the first sample heating oven was completed. The testing has gained warm welcome by these testing companies due to its obvious effect in energy savings and consumption reduction. This has been great encourage and reward for our manufacturing team. We firmly believe that more and more aluminum extruders will realize the advantages and benefits of our infrared heating ovens over the traditional heating ovens. And we will see as a result our infrared heating ovens be accepted by more and more Chinese aluminum extruders for the energy savings, consumption reduction and product quality improvement. Beijing Novatec will be rewarded by its reputation as “ King of Energy Savings ” in the die heating business of aluminum extrusion industry in China as long as we continue to work hard to manufacture the quality products for the benefits of our clients across the country.
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